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The Cost of Installing a Bathroom Suite in 2018.
Installing a new bathroom suite is one of the major investments a homeowner has to make at least once over the ownership of a property. The costs can vary, depending on whether you decide to do the work yourself or engage the services of a specialist bathroom fitter like myself. The skill set you will need to possess is extensive, from electrics to plumbing, painting and decorating. I will provide you with some guidance on how much it will cost to fit a new bathroom

Most people prefer to select the bathroom suite of their choice and then find an installer. It is a significant purchase and when you have made such a commitment, it’s vital you find the right installer who will bring your dream to life. Bathroom suite prices will typically be around the £1000 mark for standard suites, with budget ones coming a bit lower and luxury suites significantly higher.

Project Specification

Undoubtedly, a chunk of your money will go towards plumbing related activities including new taps, toilet, shower or bath and sink. The costs can mount if there is a significant alteration to the existing layout, requiring more plumbing work. About £700 to £900 will be required for the plumbing services.

  • Consider the major factors affecting overall bathroom installation costs.
  • The price difference between installing a standard bathroom suite over going all in and choosing a luxury bathroom suite
  • Some of the things you can do to keep costs lower e.g. not changing bathroom taps.
  • Take the opportunity to receive a no obligation quote from expert bathroom installers with a proven track record and verifiable testimonials from satisfied customers.
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