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Project Description

Plumbing tips for installing a new kitchen.

If you’re installing new kitchen plumbing, careful planning can save a lot of trouble and additional cost. Where do you want appliances that need a water supply? Would you like a garden tap plumbed in from the kitchen? Whatever you want, make sure you’ve thought about how you can achieve it with the available space and budget.

All kitchens need a hot and cold water supply and a waste pipe for dirty water. Waste pipes should be 40mm in diameter and positioned so they slope away from appliances, towards the drainage point. The slope should be just enough so the water doesn’t flow back into the appliance.

Project Specification

Rough plumbing for a typical kitchen is much simpler than for a bathroom. There is often only one sink and one dishwasher, so only one drain line and one pair of supply pipes will be needed.

All other connections—the drain and supply for the dishwasher, a supply line for an icemaker, and even a hot water dispenser or a water filter—are made with flexible tubing that does not run through walls.

You'll need to know...

  • How to Run Drain Lines.
  • How to Extend Supply Lines
  • How to Install an Air Admittance Valve.
  • How to Install a Kitchen Sink.
  • How to Install a Hot Water Dispenser
  • How to Install an Under-Sink Filter.
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